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Can't Wait! tarte To-Do list

June 15, 2010

Went online this morning and discovered that my tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation is going to ship today. sweet! It got me all excited, and antsy to try it. But it also got me thinking about what else I want to try. So heres my (probably on going) list of products I plan to purchase as soon as funds are available.

I’m updating. I posted. Re-read it, and thought to myself something is missing. The eyeshadow. Can’t believe I forgot that, since that is what I want the most.

tarte Peyton Place eyeshadow
In case you’ve been on vaca, or in another country where there’s no TV or any other life forms let me bring you up to speed. Green eyeshadow is in like something fierce. And thats ok, because it looks smokin’ hot, if you do it right. If you’ve been at your local grocery store lately looking for “the” perfect green eyeshadow, its not there. Theres just garbage there. Do something good for your eyes and buy this eye shadow. Not only will your eyes thank you for not subjecting it to chemical, but it will look fantastic. peyton place is a khaki-ish green. Its awesome!

Clean Slate Primer or ReCreate Primer
I consider myself to be quite good at make-up and quite knowledgeable as well. However theres one product I’ve not quite mastered. And in my defense it is only because I have not found the right one. And thats primer. So far my experience has been that they either feel tacky or sticky, or if not tacky and sticky, I can feel it suffocating my skin, and it makes my face break out. I know of the great benefits of a Primer. And now that I know tarte makes one, Im very eager to get my hands on it.

emphasEYES inner eye rim pencil
I already have this in Black which I will be reviewing tomorrow. But I see there are more colors…so I want more…Charcoal is the first one I want followed by brown. These make your eyes pop, I love it! I had another brand eye pencil that claimed you could use for inner rim. Ouch! pieces got in my eye and it hurt so bad. This is truely made for inner eye. Not just as in size but in ease of use and formula.

emphasEYES Liquid Eyeliner Trio
3 piece set that comes in Black, Brown, Navy. Because I love liquid eyeliner. This set is exclusive of and for future reference should I ever forget to state where something came from, 99.9% of the time it comes from QVC. Because they have the best sets/prices.
This is currently waitlist availability only…I’ve been on the list for a few weeks now. So patiently I await…

Clay Pot eyeliner with Brush
I gotta admit when tarte launched their clay line, this is the first thing I wanted. And still want. I believe my husband said, “those are nice colors.” And I said, “thats a REALLY sweet brush.” hahaha. Such a sucker for the brush. But still the brush itself is worth the price of admission. Black, Bronze, Indigo, and Plum. I want the bronze soooo bad. Ok I want the purple to. This product is perfect for summer. Humid, Hot, Muggy weather. Its also perfect year round for people like ME! who have oily eyelids, whos eye makeup tends to vanish. I also need an eyelid primer

tarte lifted all natural eye primer
I don’t know anyone who couldn’t benefit from an eyelid primer. This locks shadow in place and boosts major pigment payoff. And it is created without parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, mineral oil, petrolatum or synthetic fragrance. How many eyelid primers can you say do that?

lock & roll creaseless eye shadow duo
Not only does it come in 13 amazing shades but the concept is awesome. And my oily eyelids want it badly. this dual-ended wand includes a high-performance natural cream shadow that seamlessly blends onto lids and a matching loose shadow in a rollerball applicator that easily glides over the cream to lock color in place while adding a touch of luminosity. And because its in stick form, and you don’t need a brush for it, it is also very travel friendly!

Lights, Camera, Lashes Volumizing Mascara Duo
The other day I got a duo set from Sephora that included a deluxe size of Lights, Camera, Splashes. Needless to say, Ahh..lash heaven. As soon as its gone I will be ordering the Duo from QVC. It makes my lashes feel amazing, seperated, and Hello! gorgeous, extremely long. You won’t be disappointed. They’ve also just recently launched a waterproof version Lights, Camera, Splashes! for those days when you wanna make your peepers pop! but you want to go in the pool.

tarte Mineral Powder Bronzer – Park Ave Princess – Light
I got a deluxe size of this in another duo from Sephora which I will also be reviewing soon as well. I love it. Haven’t had a whole lot of lucky honestly with Bronzers. They either don’t last, are to orange, or to brown, or chalky. This isn’t it gives a nice subtle glow. And it was error proof in my opinion. I know some people who have a hard time with bronzer application. As soon as it is gone I will be ordering the full size, and I can’t wait. The packaging is adorable. It comes in two colors. Light: Park Ave. Princess, and Hotel Heiress (deep bronze shimmer). They also just launched on Sephora a Matte Waterproof version. So grab that, and your lights, camera, splashes! and your set to hit the pool.

And last but not least.

femme naturale refillable eyeshadow palette
How cute, sexy, and adorable is this?! And I love that it is refillable. Far to often palettes are made and you love them, get hooked, then the colors are gone. Then what do you do? You can either hang onto it and be sad that the colors are gone, or you can throw it away. But not with this palette. Or any of tarte’s palettes. As far as I know they are all refillable. Plus the colors are oh so yummy!

This concludes my To-Do/Wishlist……whats on your wishlist?

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