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One Squeaky Clean Shampoo/One Hair Boost Conditioner

May 10, 2010

So I stumbled acrossed these little gems while I was on one of my weekly target stops. Solid shampoos and conditioners are by no means a new thing. They’ve been around for a while. So whats the deal you ask? Im glad you asked!

For starters, The company is called One. One bath and body. See previous blog for more info. Anywho. Everything that you hold in your hand is recyclable. They use no plastics what so ever. There are 4 shampoos and 1 conditioner.Each bar will last as long as three 8 oz bottles of shampoo or conditioner. They also come with tins that are also recyclable, that you can use for storing/travel. Spiffy if ya ask me! I would eventually like to review all of them. But at the moment my target only has 2 shampoos and one conditioner. Up first the shampoo.

Target has 2 of the 4 shampoos. The Hair biscuit and the squeaky clean. Since my hair tends to be oily, I chose the Squeaky Clean. It has a fruity smell to it. Can’t exactly put my finger on what fruit, but in any case it smells yummy! So like a person who thinks they know it all, I did the exact opposite of the directions on the package. I read it and it said, “get hair over your hair three or four times”. I was like ya, right…so I did it like 8 times….Lordy! There was tons of suds.. 3-4 is most def accurate, haha. Anywho. I did as such. And rinsed. The first thing I noticed was that it was smooth. And it also did not have that straw like feel that I got with a previous solid shampoo encounter (no names, but it was scary! Took loads of conditioner to fix). This is different though. Left a really nice scent afterwards. Kept sniffing my hair. I love the little portable tins, that are not only eye-catching, but are also super travel friendly. I throw these in my makeup bag and head out the door. This will last forever, and I will def buy it again when its gone. Am also considering making this my permanent shampoo after my bottles (shhhh!) in the shower are gone. Made my hair shiny and pretty. On a some what related note. My 6 year old has/had something that resembled cradle cap. I’m not sure why. But in any case I’ve tried everything to get rid of it. Deep conditioner, etc. Anyways. I used this along with the Hair Boost. And it wasn’t til later in the day that I realized that it was pretty much gone. Another shampoo and it was all gone. Pretty spectacular if ya ask me.

On to the Hair Boost Conditioner,……

Hair Boost. Or as my 6yr old calls it, the “yummy banana smelly soap stuff”. She came acrossed it and was like I want to use this in the shower. So I had to explain to her that it wasn’t body soap, that it was conditioner. Which made her look at me like I was crazy because all her life, shes known the stuff to come out of a bottle. SO she was immediately interested and wanted to take a shower. Big thumbs up from her by the way. She kept smelling her hair it was cute. I also loved it. The smells is intoxicating. It is like this deelish-smell. banana-fruity coconutty something. It was kind of a weird concept. As I was rubbing it on my head it really didn’t feel like anything was happening. But when the time came to rinse and I felt my hair, it was super smooth and soft. I do wish it was a tad bit more Creamier? or Softer? Just so it didn’t feel so hard to rub on my hair. But other then that it was spectacular! Once I was done and I dried it, my hair was noticeably less frizzy, it was quite smooth. Which is no small battle, because my hair is frizzy. My hair is about shoulder length or so now. Part of me wishes I hadn’t cut it, so I could see how it could handle my longer hair.

I love love love this stuff and def will buy again. @ $6.99 a bar, lasting 3 bottles worth, I think its def a steal! They also have more products that I have tried and will have reviews coming soon.

I am also well aware that they are being called Lush-copycats. However, I have to disagree. They aren’t the same. And I would have to say Im not being partial. I have not had the opportunity to try or go to a Lush store. Same concept yes. Same product no. Both companies each have something different as a whole that they are trying to achieve. On a side note, One includes tins with their bar, where as Lush you have to buy. no likey.

One Bath and Body can be found at most Target stores.

One is also on Facebook, so find them and let them know what you do or don’t like.

Have you tried these yet? What do you think? What other products of One’s have you tried?

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